Nausicaa NYC is a womenswear knitwear clothing brand based in New York City. Fusing fantasy and modernity, the brand sources deadstock materials and continues to use sustainable methods of hand production in their custom lines.


  • Two PR Gift Boxes Per Year: Receive two bespoke PR Gift Boxes annually, exclusively curated and delivered prior the launch of each new season, along with privileged early access to the upcoming season's catalog. The next season's PR Gift Boxes can be claimed by members between June 29 - July 4.
  • One Welcome Box: Claim one Welcome Box (subject to a minimum membership duration of 7 days). This offering includes a carefully selected piece from our jewelry collection.
  • Unlimited 10% discount: Enjoy a perpetual 10% discount on all full-priced purchases, exclusively available to members. The discount code is personalized and non-transferable.
  • Skip the line: Experience the luxury of priority service with our "Skip the Line" feature. As a member, your custom requests from our esteemed Nausicaa Handmade line will be given precedence.
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